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Fleshtag originals



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Look at the future of spanking! Look at the future! The world's first fully customizable product on the market.

Different shapes, colors, materials - the BAMBUCH!


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Fully self-functional product

Tired of using leather and wanna use something little different? Just simply take out the pins that hold your spanking part to the handle, swap the spanking part for a brand new, put those pins back and you're ready to go! Or should we say - ready to spank?

  • Not sure what to buy?

    Not sure what to buy for them? Then buy our GIFT card in various values - $20, for MINIBITCH users; $69, for some NICE gift, $200, for BAMBITCH enjoyers; $420, just 420.

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    All overpayments on transport will either be returned to the customer's account, paid in a similar discount for the next purchase or donated to #TeamTrees. We are a starting e-shop, therefore we cannot estimate the price of transport to every city in the world and at the same time we do not want to have a margin on transport. Thank you for your understanding and acceptance.

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