About us, about Fleshtag

Zdravím, my name is Tomáš Lenomar,

my role in FLESHTAG is the leader and guider of my team.

We were founded in my head a long time ago - before the Corona crisis - in august 2019. It was just month before is start going to my future high school in Brno, Czech republic where I passed the exams successfully in 2022 and become the joiner.


Pěkný den,

my name is Zdeněk Celý and I’m from a little village near Brno, the second biggest city in the Czech republic. In 2022 I passed the exams successfully and become a joiner, which comes out as a great life choice!

My hobbies are fishing, cycling through near by woods and in the afternoons playing florbal with my freinds from the village.

We’re not really sure how I ended up here at Fleshtag, but so far I’m loving it. I think we’re heading in the best direction. Our products are really high quality, so you’ll not be regreting buying them.