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BDSM is not about PAIN, it's about TRUST

Here at Fleshtag we believe firmly that a healthy sexual life is not just good for yourself, but also for your relationship with your partner. That's why we create the best possible BDSM toys from quality materials. We combine hardwood with real Italian leather. If you combine these two materials you get perfectly made product that will satisfy your needs!


Custom production only

Our website offers bespoke hand-stitched leather products, made to order and tailored to each client's unique specifications. Our skilled artisans create high-quality BDSM gear using only the finest materials, ensuring durability and comfort. Experience the difference of custom-made leather products today.

  • Durability

    We offer best durability on the market. Every stitch, every piece of hardware is tested by years of practice!

  • Made with love

    Every our product is handstitched and made from the best leather!

  • Customer friendly

    Do you have a special idea? Anything on your mind? Just contact us and we can make it for you!

  • Shipping worldwide

    We offer shipping anywhere on the world without exceptions!

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