Dive into a world of bondage with our hand-stitched handcuffs


Combination of golden harware, black leather and purple fake crocodile leather make a beauteous product.

  • Pair of handcuffs - 270€ (+shipping)
  • X-Cross - 90€ (+shipping)
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Real lamb wool make this product best for a private sessions.

  • Pair of handcuffs - 280€ (+shipping)
  • X-Cross - 90€ (+shipping)
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"Little pig, no more escapes...".

Handcuffs without a stitching.

Works best with a lock!

  • Pair of cuffs - 100€ (+shipping)
  • Belt - 50€ (+shipping)
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Accessories for handcuffs mentioned above...


The X-Cross that'll help you to tied up your sub more easily. Can be order seperately, or in a budle with cuffs.

Used on:

X-Cross - 90€ (+shipping)


Belt for a OUTLAST cuffs.

Used on:

Belt - 50€ (+shipping)