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Sofia Non-vibrating Masturbator

Sofia Non-vibrating Masturbator

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Masturbator in the shape of a vagina with an adjustable diameter, you can regulate the intensity of stimulation with the pressure of your fingers. Amazingly soft and realistic material.

However, the real difference compared to other FLESHLIGHT type masturbators is the fact that the outer casing made of solid plastic has movable protrusions on the sides, with the help of which we can control the diameter of the masturbator with the pressure of our fingers, but also regulate the "pressure" that will be applied to the penis. You just "press" it as you need it. The masturbator is also offered in a vibrating version.


*Note:  this product is made by BOOM, not Fleshtag. We distance ourselves from the use of plastic in our packages. Fleshtag only re-sells BOOM products. All photos were made by BOOM (




Minimum diameter: 1.5 cm
Maximum diameter: 6 cm
Usable length: 19 cm
Total length: 26 cm

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